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Devon Energy Assessors, Bideford Tel: 01237 422060
Devonhip, Signpost Cottage, Harracott Tel: 01271 858467


Nobody pours their money away by leaving their tap on all day but many of us pump our home’s heat straight outside without realising it.

Improving your insulation can save you literally £100's a year because over half of your heat is lost through your walls and roof. Interested in this?

The amount of heat lost in homes annually through roofs and walls is enough to heat around 2.2 million homes for a year.

If every household in the UK, that could, installed cavity wall insulation it would save around £720 million a year. If everyone in the UK installed loft insulation up to 270mm thickness, the equivalent financial saving would pay the bills of 400000 families for a year.

The less efficient your heating is the more money you to spend to get your home to a warm temperature.

Getting more efficient heating equipment is another investment worth making. You may even be able to receive a grant to help you cover the cost! Interested in this?

Replacing an old boiler could save you a third on your heating bill Reducing your heating thermostat by 1oC when you are too warm can cut up to 10% off bills.

If everyone in the UK with gas central heating installed a condensing boiler, we would cut CO2 emissions by nearly 14 million tonnes per year, saving £1.7 BILLION on our energy bills annually. This is enough to heat 3.7 million homes for a year.

Energy efficient appliances and products are gaining popularity. This is for two reasons, they are kinder to our environment and they save you money. Becoming energy efficient makes you financially efficient.

In order to distinguish between energy efficient products and the others there are a couple of labels to look out for. The EU Energy Label has a rating system from A++ being the best to G being the worst. It is now mandatory for products such as fridges, washing machines and light bulbs for this to be displayed on the packaging. The most efficient products are awarded the Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo which they can proudly display on their packaging.

If every UK household installed 3 light efficient bulbs enough energy would be saved in a year to supply all street lighting in the UK.

Using a 40oC wash cycle rather than 60oC means you use a third less electricity and modern day washing powders and detergents work just as effectively at lower temperatures.

The UK’s DVD’s and VCR’s consume around £50million worth of electricity each year whilst ON STANDBY, producing over 160,000 tonnes of CO2.

Heating your home using wood pellets is a very practical and sustainable method. It's very similar to having a wood stove except the fuel burns for longer and leaves less of a residue.

Solar Hot Water
These act in the opposite way to radiators. They let the sun heat up cooler water and then pump it into your home.

Ground Source Heat Pump
This ingenious system makes use of the heat trapped in the soil. The system effectively mines the soil for warmth and pumps it straight into your home. This technique works most efficiently when used as under floor heating.

Solar Electricity
These can be mounted on your roof or wall and convert sunlight directly into electricity. This technology has been steadily improving over the years and now comes in a variety of types.

For each piece of renewable energy equipment anyone is able to apply for a grant through the Low Carbon Buildings Programme. There are a few things you may need to do in order to be eligible.

Your loft insulation should be 270mm thick mineral wool or an equivalent.
Your home should have wall cavity insulation, assuming this is possible in your home.
You need to have light efficient bulbs throughout your home.
You also need to have some form of thermostat with an automatic timer.
If your home has these energy efficiency measures you will be eligible to apply for a grant to assist you in buying any renewable energy technology.

You can now buy all sorts of micro wind turbines that come in lots of different sizes, shapes and colours. They will happily spin round all day and night to supply your home with free energy.


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