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Welcome to The Barnstaple Town Centre Property pages.

No estate agent fees, no hassle no fuss. Save thousands of pounds in unnecessary fees.

If you are already using an estate agent, no problem, Barnstaple Property will sell your home before they do and save you a fortune. This site is still under construction so for further info please email buyingandselling@barnstapleproperty.co.uk

The special opening offer 'hold till sold' on the Barnstaple site is £149. This includes up to 6 images, up to 1000 words and links showing the area and ammenities.

Whilst it can be useful to use an estate agent as well as putting your property with Barnstaple Property there are a number of reasons why you might not wish to use just an estate agent.

1. They will charge you a substantial amount of money if they sell your home. Whilst dependent on the price of your property and the estate agents fee basis the charge can be anything from a typical £3,000 to over £10,000.

2. Having sold their home many people compare the substantial fee the agent is charging them with the work they have undertaken and feel that the agent has not carried out thousands of pounds of work for them. In some cases estate agents will actually sell properties before they have even got round to producing sale particulars and guess what, they will still charge you thousands of pounds.

3. Some people find the service received from estate agents to be very poor. The consumer group Which? have long been campaigning for Estate Agents to be subject to greater regulation. Details of their ongoing campaign can be found at:

4. Can an estate agent sell your home better than you? You know your home better than anyone. You will know the local area better than the estate agent and you will know details about your home that the estate agent will not such as:

5. You may have experienced viewing homes in the past with estate agents and they can be little more than door openers……” and this is the living room”!

6. Not all Estate Agents give a poor service but the industry is tarnished in the eyes of many sellers and buyers. You may wish to put them to the test and use an estate agent AND register your property with Barnstaple Property . This dual approach is a very good way of incentivising them to really try and sell your home. One word of caution - remember to check the contract they want you to sign. If you are already with an agent check the detail.

So how does Barnstaple Property sell your home? Click Here. Or to contact us email buyingandselling@barnstapleproperty.co.uk for much more information.

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