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Dartmoor is a massive moor land that is positioned in the Devon countryside in the South West of England. Dartmoor is one of Englands national parks and offers over 368 square miles. Dartmoor is not only a park its, "one of the country’s last and greatest areas of wilderness". Dartmoor attracts all ages, it is a great place for walking, sight seeing, taking part in various team events. If you enjoy the outdoors this British heritage site is a great place to explore.


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Dartmoor doesn't only attract the "site seers" it is one of the countries main armed forces training grounds, the park is renound throughout out the country as it has unpridictable weather and harsh terrain. It is no suprise that since 1951 it has been declared a National park.

If you were to go to certain places up on Dartmoor you would think to yourself, how on earth could anyone human have ever lived up here? Especially if it’s a day when harsh Dartmoor weather is at its worst. Well you could ask those people of whom live up there now, of course they’ll have good old central heating and modern appliances to keep them warm. But do you think other generations could have once lived there? Generations that had never even dreamed of electricity and heating? Well the answer is clear. Yes. Over the years many archaeologists have searched Dartmoor looking for clues as to what the history is behind Dartmoor. However you don’t have to be archeologically minded to see the remains of what used to be homes to past people. There is an estimated 5,000 hut circles that still stand on Dartmoor today! And the only signs of what used to protect the owners of these huts from the howling conditions on Dartmoor is the fact some of them have L shaped porches! Not the greatest way to stay warm you must agree, however quite genius as it would prevent the rain from entering your living room! It is believed that these are the remains from what generations in the Bronze age built! Huts such as these can be found at Grimspound, some of which were also restored in the 19th century.

There are many other reminders of Dartmoor’s past still up there, such as Stone Circles, Kistvaens, Cairns and Stone Rows are still standing! There are also numerous Menhirs up on the moor incidentally of which are more commonly known as longstones and standing stones to the locals.
Dartmoor prison is also another long standing piece of history that still remains to be on the Moor today and still running with many prisoners currently inside! The prison was originally built in Princetown for the prisoners of war during the Napoleonic Wars. The prison is greatly placed for the reason if a freak accident was to occur and a prisoner were to escape then they would have great difficulty getting off Dartmoor! Old tin mines and farmhouses can also be found scattered around over the national Park.

Dartmoor was created approximately 295 million years ago! From magma rising up through the earths crust and then later cooling, and forming Granite of which covers approximately 65% of all of the Moor!


Click on Tourism for information on the area, Attractions for what to do and where to go, Food and Drink on what to eat when you get there, Leisure... well relax and think about that one and the Town Centre to shop till you drop!


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